Simoshi is a limited company registered in Uganda. It is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the livelihoods of children and their families in Uganda.

Simoshi’s energy efficient project linked to carbon finance is capable of bringing a cleaner, healthier and environmentally friendly technology to low-income individuals and the poor, especially women and children. The continuous use of the institutional improved cook stoves (IICS) enable both the participating schools and Simoshi to recycle a percentage of the stream of carbon credit returns, to introduce new investments in those same schools by providing repayment plans throughout the school year, free annual maintenance to all installed IICS, staff training and educational campaigns to children on the environment and climate change.

Simoshi delivers carbon credits that will provide all the sought after additional environmental and social benefits. Its value proposition exceeds the sustainability impact, as it targets schools and the most vulnerable population, the children, while providing IICS that schools can afford as a result of the daily emission reductions they make through its use.

Simoshi is a sustainable business working in a holistic way, hand in hand with the schools and institutions to bring a positive impact in their kitchen environments, from energy efficiency and infrastructure, to hygiene and food nutrition. We optimize such approach by being agile and alert to changes, to ensure we understand the context they operate in. This is done through partnerships that add value to the existing relationship of trust built with those participating schools/institutions, continuously addressing systemic issues that may arise as they move up in the energy ladder.

Simoshi is proud to join efforts with its partners Kampala Capital City Authority and Energy4Impact