CO2 Emission Reductions Achieved

As we approach the end of 2018, and while the Climate Change Conference (COP24) taking place in Poland comes to an end today, we would like to publish Simoshi’s latest achievements with its registered Clean Development Mechanism and Gold Standard Project Activity (PA) “Institutional Improved Cook Stoves for Schools and Institutions in Uganda”.

Since March 2016 when the first school joined Simoshi’s PA by moving away from the traditional cooking practices to energy efficient cook stoves, a total of 54 schools (day and boarding, primary and secondary) are currently jointly making amazing firewood reductions on their daily cooking activities.

Such firewood reductions are equivalent to 8,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide that have not been released into the atmosphere (as shown on the carbon credit timeline figure below).

CO2 reductions.jpg

The 8,400 tonnes of CO2 reduced are an example of all participating schools and Simoshi’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that have been achieved in a sustainable way. The positive impact translates into huge economic benefits as schools reduce to half their firewood expenditures, a quantified on-going reduction of CO2 emissions and deforestation, and cleaner air that reduces the exposure to air pollution and the associated burden of disease.

Our target of including an additional 200 schools to the existing population is an achievable goal, and we hope we will be able to secure the necessary funding to finance the purchase of the institutional improved cook stoves to schools as we enter into the new year.