May Was All About Testing

We wanted to share some of the pictures of the testing exercise that has taken place throughout the month of May. Many institutional improved cook stoves (IICS) of 30 litres capacity were temporarily collected from the schools that had purchased them back in 2016. We had chosen this month because the schools had closed for holidays so the IICS would not be needed in the kitchen.

The IICS were all tested following the international Water Boiling Test protocol to ensure that their thermal efficiency is still way above the minimum 20% requirement (as explained on our blog post below). Even after 3 full years of operation cooking in busy kitchens, which they successfully did!

This means the IICS and schools are still saving at least 50% of firewood when compared to their previous traditional systems. That was achieved thanks to Simoshi’s free annual maintenance provided too all IICS and schools participating under its Project Activity.