With the Wakiso District Teachers Association

Yesterday we have been invited by the Chairman of the Wakiso Ditrict Teachers Association, Mrs Rose Nakato, to present Simoshi’s Project Activity during their quarterly meeting. Mrs Nakato happens to also be the Head Mistress at St. Dominic Kigo Lunya Primary School, a recently added school that is now using the institutional improved cook stoves (IICS) for all of their cooking activities.

The school is so pleased with the IICS performance that Mrs Nakato felt the urgency to tell her colleagues about the benefits of collaborating with Simoshi. So yesterday I briefly explained about what we do, how the IICS can improve the school kitchen environment, the achievable firewood savings, and the financing provided to allow schools to pay back for their IICS through the firewood not purchased.

Below are some images of the meeting and pictures from the kitchen at St. Dominic Kigo Lunya before, and after Simoshi’s intervention, and some from the presentation made.


the kitchen before


the kitchen after